Discovering History and Serenity at Elmwood Cemetery

Nestled in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, Elmwood Cemetery stands as a testament to history, tranquility, and reverence. Spanning 80 acres of lush grounds, Elmwood is not merely a burial ground but a cherished landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. This sacred space offers visitors a journey through time, weaving tales of the past with the serenity of nature.

A Historic Legacy

Elmwood Cemetery, founded over 160 years ago, holds a pivotal place in the annals of Memphis history. Its picturesque Carpenter-Gothic Office Cottage and iconic Entry Bridge greet visitors, setting the stage for a memorable exploration. Each step through Elmwood's pathways leads to encounters with the most esteemed figures of Memphis and beyond.

Sanctuary of Nature

Beyond its historical significance, Elmwood Cemetery is an official Bird Sanctuary and Arboretum. Towering elms, majestic oaks, and fragrant magnolias provide a tranquil canopy under which diverse bird species thrive. As visitors wander through this living museum, they are enveloped by the soothing melodies of resident birdsong, creating a harmonious blend of nature and memorial.

Honoring the Honored

Elmwood Cemetery is the final resting place of a diverse array of individuals who have shaped not only Memphis but also American history. Here lie veterans from every American conflict, including the Revolutionary War, alongside esteemed generals, senators, governors, and mayors. The cemetery pays homage to the lives of those who left enduring legacies, as well as those whose stories may have been lesser-known but equally impactful.

Preserving History, Embracing Community

Visitors to Elmwood Cemetery can delve deeper into its rich tapestry of stories through guided tours that unveil layers of history in a shaded hour or two. For those inspired to contribute, volunteering opportunities abound, offering a chance to preserve the cemetery's heritage for future generations. Additionally, donations to Elmwood serve as timeless gifts that ensure its continued preservation and accessibility.

Elmwood Cemetery invites all who seek a connection with the past and a sanctuary amidst nature to explore its grounds. Whether walking in contemplation, learning from knowledgeable guides, or contributing to its preservation, Elmwood offers a profound and lasting impact on visitors and the community alike. Reserve your place in Memphis history at Elmwood Cemetery, where the stories of the most honored and revered, the famous and infamous, unfold beneath ancient trees and amid serene beauty.


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